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Camden’s own fashion sprite Noel Fielding looks delighted to be the attention of paps as his profile transitions from quirky cult to proper mainstream after his hiring as co-host for Channel 4’s recipe for GBBO. I immediately went to the comments to see what the notoriously circumspect and welcoming Daily Mail readership would make of a man whose look appears to be based on a mixture of Frank Zappa and a sexy giant crow. Surprisingly, below the line generally approved of him, although one commentator did wail “Has anyone ever looked worse?” The answer to that is most assuredly, yes. See camel toe knickers below.

Shia LaBeouf’s “post-apocalyptic shambles” of a film, Man Down, made £7 at the box office on its opening weekend.  It opened in one cinema in Burnley (a token opening) and presumably one person went to see it. What a lonely place to be: the one Shia LaBeouf fan in Lancashire, sitting in an empty cinema, desolately munching popcorn and sticking out a film that they could persuade literally no one to come and see with them. It’s a harrowing image.





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