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Animal Anxieties

There is a sweet little piece in The Observer today which illustrates little-known animal facts, imagining the anxiety they might cause. The images are from Brooke Barker’s series Sad Animal Facts. I especially like the bee and alligator ones.

animal animal10 animal11 animal12 animal2 animal3 animal4 animal5 animal6 animal7 animal8 animal9

All pictures courtesy of The Observer and Brooke Barker.


Did you see…? Picasso: Love, Sex and Art

An interesting film on the prolific painter’s even more prolific love life, tangled with muses and strewn with broken hearts. He got around for a little guy – it shows how artistic genius and intensity of character can serve as better aphrodisiacs than traditional good looks. It describes his life-long artistic and carnal obsession with the female form and illuminates his work while also entertaining.


Don’t Miss Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

guy-bourdin-beauté-(vogue,-paris)      guy french   guy-bourdin-linsolite-et-la-mode

vogue italia  guy vogue

Above: A selection of Guy Bourdin photos

Somerset House is displaying a retrospective of fashion photographer Guy Bourdin’s playful, sexy, subversive work until the 15th March.

Click here for more information:

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