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GBBO Final

What won out in the finale: precision, experience or going the extra mile?

The first challenge was a crown meringue, which involved processes as niche as polishing physalises and constructing a dam out of blueberries. Candice of Lipstick produced a cacophonous effort, a huge spiky slice of which held its shape marvellously despite it being a sugary behemoth.

Andrew was denied the warm clutch of a Hollywood handshake for his meringue despite his exertion flaming fuchsia across his cheeks. The fact that this was a privilege bestowed on both of his competitors seemed to prompt him to drop the meek fa├žade to reveal the steely cakesmith underneath: he vowed to win or “die trying”. He became like a baking terminator, willing to go down in a blaze of glory, or a puff of flour, rather than accept mediocrity.

The determination worked and Andrew came top of the technical, but alas, it was not to last. “Keep it together Andrew” he told himself at the start of the monumental showstopper with the sort of precarious quaver of those who know they will do nothing of the sort. He started with an excel sheet of timings, he ended by saying “screw the measurements!”

Of course Candice won, with her sausage roll piggies with crackling tails and a chocolate cake which surrendered itself to Paul’s big knife in a most sumptuous and appealing way. The other two were met with too many gripes for any other result to be entertained (soggy bottoms, raw pastry, disappearing cheese flavour).

The next time we see GBBO, it will be on Channel 4. How will the format cope? Will it retain its charm? Or has it been (hehe) over-egged? The post show update told us that Candice and Jane are planning a baking trip together. Obviously that’s not going to be filmed. Cheeky Beeb.