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Poem of the Day

‘O! how I love, on a fair summer’s eve’, John Keats

O! how I love, on a fair summer’s eve,

When streams of light pour down the golden west,

And on the balmy zephyrs tranquil rest

The silver clouds, far – far away to leave

All meaner thoughts and take a sweet reprieve

From little cares; to find, with easy quest,

A Fragrant wild, with nature’s beauty dressed,

And there into delight my soul deceive.

There warm my breast with patriotic lore,

Musing on Milton’s fate – on Sidney’s bier –

Till their stern forms before my mind arise:

Perhaps on the wing of Poesy upsoar,

Full often dropping a delicious tear,

When some melodious sorrow spells mine eyes.

Dan Hillier

I came across his Dan Hillier’s work on a stall whilst tripping round Spitalfields market last weekend.

He created Royal Blood’s striking album cover. His work is psychedelic, taking Victoriana and putting it through a dark, distinctive hipster blender – it may not be for everyone, but it’s worth a look. He sells prints and T-shirts, amongst other things.

tada horse

‘Hoarse’ T-shirt £25.


‘Pachamama’ screen print £600.

lunar seas

‘Lunar Seas (for W.A.H.)’ ~ screen print, £200.

Saturday Style

There are some great new looks around at the moment and some irresistible sale bargains, especially at Mango. Remember, if you happen to buy any of the items below, mention that you saw them here!

Daisy paisley print shirt, £42, Topshop. The brand is feeling the 70s with this paisley print and so are we. Toughen it up with a collar chain and rock chick trousers.

Crescent and crystal collar tips, £7.50, Topman.

Skinny-fit motor jeans, £22.45, Mango.


Floral overlay dress, £55, Topshop. The luminous colours and Japanese feel of the print make a striking impression.

Knitted stripe swing dress, £42, Topshop. This has just the right slouchy feel to it.

Potential premium sandals, were £88, now £45, Topshop.


Ariel low-rise pants, £4, Topshop. Why not?

Bella pearl crop top, £50, Jovonna at Topshop. For twinset chic that’s a million miles from frumpy, look no further. The matching pieces have a 60s style cut combined to great effect with a bright jewel colour and modern details. Classy yet fun office wear.

Tori pearl skirt, £50, Jovonna at Topshop.

Premium Texture Ovoid Jacket, £75, Topshop. This textured blush-coloured jacket is wonderfully 60s inspired, like something Audrey Hepburn might have worn. Wear with oversize pearls, a simple roll neck and a leather skirt for a weekend look that can’t be outdone.

Quilted leather skirt, was £100, now £55, Topshop.

Ribbed polo neck top, £5.99, Markas and Spencer.

snake dress

Snakeskin printed cut-out bandeau dress by Rare, was £48 now £10, Topshop.

fawn skirt

Fawn print mini skirt by Oh My Love, £28, Tophsop. Who could resist this quirky and delightful design?

mango dress

Flowy printed dress, £14.99 (50% off), Mango. At this price, this is an essential sweet little daytime dress if you’re looking forward to spring.


Printed gown, £44.99 (50% off), Mango. The colours and pattern are reminiscent of the Giambattista Valli gown Lupita N’yongo wore to the Golden Globes recently.

leather jacket

Quilted leather jacket, £74.99 (50% off), Mango. Great price for real leather and this tough biker design transcends trends.

trench coat 2

Contrast-trim cotton trench coat, £34.99 (50% off), Mango. Double-breasted cotton with epaulettes, belted cuffs, buckle fastening belt and twin side zip pockets. I want it.

printed shirt

Printed satin blouse £16.99 (50% off) Mango. Cool little sweater.


Kenneth Jay Lane gold chain link necklace, £105 (50% off), The American designer is the foremost purveyor of witty, high end costume jewellery. This necklace will instantly modernise any outfit.


Kenneth Jay Lane chandelier crystal spike drop earrings were £85, now £35, Dangerously glamorous.71BGB_partypink hobbs-prior-ballerina

Natalia Ottoman ribbed pink dress, £44.50 (50% off), French Connection.

Prior Ballerina flats, £79, Hobbs. Suede pumps, made in Italy.

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Outfits of the week

Sienna Miller continues to pull out the heavy fashion artillery in her assault on Hollywood. This time in a Carven python print shift dress during an interview on US TV. Available at £860.

pyhton dress python

Emilia Fox looks cosy in an oversize blush coat.

emilia fox

Gemma Arterton appears on Mel and Sue’s new show in a delectable pink dress with deliciously offset shoes.

gemma arterton

Sienna Miller (again!) in Celine’s Spring/Summer collection. Love the slouchy 70s style and gently psychedelic print, excellent daywear. Yours for £1550.

sienna celine jimmy fallon

On the web today

The Prodigy have been interviewed for today’s Guardian. and they have some choice words to say about the music scene today.

The ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’ founder has sold his company after begging users to stop.

Lily Allen has had an outrageous manicure. I don’t like her but I can’t help but liking these mad nails.


Marion Cotillard appears at the Critic’s Choice Awards in Dior Couture.


Off the beaten tracks

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen

Infectious Welsh pop-rock. Debut album The Balcony out now.

Gaz Coombes – 20/20

Hirsute former Supergrass frontman glides back onto the radar with this lovely single. The backing owes a lot to my old favourites Glass Animals, I feel. I thought his video would have more views, just over 4,000 at time of writing. That’s not right!

Cymbals – Talk to Me

Skittering, glittery indie-pop/rock to get lost in.

The Prodigy- Nasty

The Prodigy are back, sounding as hard as ever on this relentless banger. The video was released on YouTube yesterday and has already accrued over a million hits, showing there’s still a huge thirst for their trademark sound. No one does beats quite like Liam Howlett. Their videos are always wicked too, and this is no exception – I love the graphic novel feel of the animation and the colour palette. New album The Day is My Enemy is out on 30th March. Bring the noise!

Arca – Now You Know

From one familiar signature sound to one altogether less so. Arca, AKA Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi, has been announced as a producer on Bjork’s ninth studio album, Vulcanira, out in March. We can’t imagine what other-worldly squeaks and shrieks this collaboration will spawn. The video for this is by Jesse Kanda and really suits the music. His album, Xen, is out now and sounds a bit like it has been recorded in that ice cathedral Superman was born in.

Worst dressed at the Golden Globes: jolly poor show from the Brits

eddie redmayne

Argh, I hate this dress so much! So you are on the arm of your gorgeous new husband (the ever-dapper Eddie Redmayne in velvet Gucci) on the biggest night of his career so far, as he wins the Best Actor Globe for The Theory of Everything, and what do you wear? A plain dress the colour of something that would come out of a slurry pipe. I don’t understand Hannah Bagshawe’s thought process. Maybe she didn’t want to draw attention away from her husband, but she’s done that anyway with the hideous colour. I can’t find who designed this. Shrek?


What the hell is this? It’s by Chanel and it allegedly took 30 people to make, which lends weight to the idiom “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Or, “too many seamstresses frump the dress”. Keira Knightley looks like an Edwardian lady on a day out at the beach, in fact the outfit looks incomplete without an accompanying frilly parasol.


Rosamund Pike is such a sultry, patrician beauty that she just doesn’t suit showing this much skin. Some comments have complained of her “untoned” body, but she only gave birth five weeks ago and I find her soft, womanly body a welcome change from all the Hollywood bodies the colour and hardness of a walnut, so skinny you can see the shape of every muscle and sinew. Her boobs are pert for their size, it’s just that every other red carpet-er has serious tape and structured tailoring going on up top and she doesn’t seem to. The problem is that the Vera Wang gown doesn’t fit properly.


Fashion pundits have called Lana Del Rey’s vintage Travilla dress “70s mermaid” but that makes it sound a hell of a lot cooler than it is. Questionable colour and a nasty fabric.

claire danes

Claire Danes in Valentino. I don’t like the mixture of sheer with a heavy floral fabric that looks as though it has been sourced from the dusty curtains of a haunted house.


Ruth Wilson in Prada. Is it inside out? But that would not explain the troubling blue and green clash.

Emily Blunt and Kate Beckinsale looked stunning as always, and I can appreciate Sienna Miller’s dress although I’m not a fan of showing your breastbone, but most of the other British ladies looked a bloody fright in ill-fitting and/or ill-conceived gowns. Shame.

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Best dressed at the Golden Globes: vive la reds!


Amy Adams shows off her lustrous hair on Instagram.


Jessica Chastain in Versace. I actually don’t  like the dress, the colour and fabric feel dated, but she’s such a beautiful redhead I had to include a picture.



Emily Blunt in Michael Kors. Never a foot wrong on the red carpet.


Girls’ Alison Williams in Armani Privé.


Lupita N’yongo in my favourite designer of the moment, Giambattista Valli. At first glance, it wasn’t my favourite of his creations as it doesn’t particularly flatter her shape, but the more I look at the dress, the more I love it: it’s pretty and whimsical while still being glamorous and classy. Most importantly, it’s different from what everyone else is wearing.

emma stone

Emma Stone in Lanvin. Cute, chic tomboy.

julianne moore

Queen Moore in Givenchy.

naomi watts

Naomi Watts in Gucci, with Liev Schreiber. Love the necklace, the belt and top detail. I don’t like that shade of lipstick though, I would have worn a creamy, colour-pop pink lip.

amy adams

Amy Adams in Versace. It’s quite a neutral dress but still stunning.diane

Diane Kruger always gives exceptional style. I love the simplicity of this Emilia Wickstead gown.

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Celebrity Big Brother

CBB features a roster of the usual eye-botherers (Calum Best, Alicia Duvall etc, I feel like they’ve been on this show before?), the addled, the desperate, the lost and Keith Chegwin. They introduced themselves in self-consciously sweary VTs at the launch on Wednesday. Kavana?! Kavana?!!

It sure ain’t pretty (Katie Hopkins without make up anyone?) but it does what it says on the tin (except for the celebrity part) in that it provides the usual dark motivations for watching – mainly to see who will unravel first. Answer: Hoff’s onscreen son, Jeremy Jackson. Well, that was quick. I was terrified by his VT on Wednesday, then amused as he entered the house, now I’m back to being terrified.

Tonight’s episode had many curiosities…

Ken Morley was first in the hot tub, groaning and rubbing himself. Lay-deez, form an orderly queue.

There were spats over bright yellow wee and trainers. Of course.

Cami-Li is a bit nuts no? She licked Calum’s foot. Eww.

Perez and Kavana talking about the Spice Girls movie. Kavana; “I was in that.” Perez: “Really?!” “Well my picture was.” “Oh.”

Katie Hopkins’ roaming accent, in turns Mockney, posh and trans-Atlantic.

And who would have thought that Alicia Duvall would seem to be the most normal and nicest one? Blimey.

I found the face to face nominations a bit awkward to watch and a bit too far. Though kudos to Alexander for his bluntness to Perez: “You’re a control freak and gotta be in everything.” He’s not wrong. It’s grotesque as always, but I’ll probably watch until I get a life.

Off the beaten tracks

The tracks – new or otherwise – that I’m listening to this week. This week’s list belongs to the ladies.

Rosie Lowe – How’d You Like It

The 24-year-old south Londoner has a distinctive voice and edge. Expect an album this year on Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label. My favourite track of this list.

Kacy Hill – Experience

The LA singer has been snapped up by Kanye West’s GOOD label, on the strength of this self-directed video for her debut single. “A lot of my music right now is about the genesis or the creation of a person,” she says. She clearly subscribes to the Liz Fraser/FKA Twigs vocal aesthetic of barely a word sung being intelligible, but it sounds sweet.

CL – The Baddest Female

I came across this today and I didn’t know what the hell to make of it, but I was mesmerised throughout. The song and video are trashy and bonkers but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my world. CL is a member of Korean girl group 2NE1 (not the catchiest of names, sounds like a form you need at your local Post Office) but she will be making a bid for Western stardom with a solo album this year. No doubt she’s got something, my attention has been caught.

Tink and Kelela – Want It

A collaboration between Timbaland protégé, the rapper and singer Tink, and Kelela, courtesy of producer DJ Dahi. Both artists have debut albums out this year.

Shura – Touch

The Moscow-born, London-based artist makes an impression with this dreamy single. The video seems to have caused a minor hoo-ha on the YouTube but the visuals are secondary when the music sounds this majestic.