TFI Friday’s back!

Back when cigarettes were about £2, having bushy eyebrows and a big arse were – unbelievably – undesirable and a spoiler alert was something that you really didn’t want to hear on a plane, there was a show that was famed for it chaotic energy. I loved TFI Friday – I loved the music, the excitement of it, the fact that it had a bar! I was about 11 when it started and I watched it with greedy eyes, looking forward to being an adult and getting tips on that world – before I discovered that maturity mainly consisted of beaurocracy and broken dreams. The 90s were fun and simple, before a deluge of cynicism and dreadful karaoke changed the TV landscape and made everything a tedious competition and journey. If The Word aired now Twitter would implode in a mushroom cloud of its own disapprobation. TV land seems to have sensed feeling of nostalgia and keeps resurrecting shows from my childhood – from the worthy (Rab C Nesbitt) to the dreary (Birds of a Feather), but now the mother of Friday night chat shows is back on the 12th of June for a 90-minute special to celebrate 20 years since it started (although it is actually 19, maths fans). I heard the music on an ad last night and got excited, that music always made me feel like something big was about to happen. I’m not a particular Chris Evans fan – being that he plays into every stereotype of an annoying ginger – but I loved the format, the studio and the silliness of the show. I liked the items he came up with – gems like suspending a ping pong ball in the stream of an aerosol. I hope this special maintains some of that anarchic spirit and doesn’t ruin the memory of a seminal show for me.


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