Things I saw in South London…

I was tempted to spend my Valentine’s day watching the Bullseye marathon one of the higher-number Freeview channels was airing as an existential protest on the notion of enforced romance, however I ended up pottering around South London with my aunt, who has become something of a South London evangelist. We went to the South London Gallery (how many times can I write south?), a beautiful space, which was showing an exhibition of “found” objects by French artist Isabelle Canaro.



Above: Two of the found objects


Above: Some art in the bookshop.


To be honest, I found the bookshop more interesting than the exhibit – it was full of fascinating, hilarious and bizarre books like the one above. Sushi scream: depiction of Edvard Munch’s The Scream in rice. This book explains in both Japanese and English how to create art from sushi and is full of fun pics. Tama-Chan – Smiling Sushi Roll by Takayo Kiyota is available for £13.95 from Little More publishers.

We attempted to get coffee in the gallery’s café but were informed that we couldn’t as they had to prepare for the Valentine’s dinner service, the server may as well have said “sorry singletons this space is for the happy people, we don’t want you here cluttering up the place with your cumbersome singledom.”


I was struck by the irony of a box emblazoned with “Memories are Forever” having been sadly abandoned at a checkout in Sainsbury’s.

In Brixton I was treated to the sight of a three-tramp fight. One man was holding onto another man’s ankles while a third attempted to get him off. They were too drunk to hurt each other – none could have swung a punch that connected. It was just the slow ballet of lurching and grappling that characterises a fight that has been started by booze, fuelled by booze and will be, in all likelihood, resolved by booze. The funniest bit was a particularly determined hipster sitting on the bench next to this fiasco with his headphones on, staring resolutely ahead like, “I AM enjoying my Sunday afternoon, I AM enjoying my music, there is NOT a tramp fight going on next to me.” It reminded me of Camden back in the day. Ah memories.

All pictures courtesy of Julia Wall

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