A Fool’s Goal

That is, getting as little sleep as possible, a lifestyle choice which was claimed to be necessary in an article in the Evening Standard yesterday evening “Up the sleep stakes.” Written in a rather hectoring tone, it basically said if you want to succeed in your career you should get up at 4.30am and accept that 3 hours sleep a night is de riguer for the successful. Margaret Thatcher, who survived on 4 hours sleep during her term in office, showed us how good the sleep-deprived are at their jobs. I would rather have well rested people handling my money, my health, my entertainment etc than glassy eyed zombies taking 2 hours over a 10 minute task, watering the computer and typing the pot plant. In my humble experience, I’ve found that we handle working hard and playing hard much more badly than we believe we can. Sleep deprivation renders all people idiots. Work smart, not necessarily long. Just because you spend a lot of time in your office, doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing anything productive while you’re there.


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