This week’s TV

The BBC continues its campaign to give the nation diabetes with the return of The Great British Bake Off (Wednesday, 8pm, BBC One) and the start of Sweets Made Simple (Friday, 8.30pm, BBC Two). Both shows featured a lot of sugar in many different guises and some quirky facial hair. I would say of GBBO’s return that the bakes looked as spectacular as ever but I never want to hear on “ooh matron mention” of Mary Berry’s cherry ever again. Some things should be impervious to innuendo.

Sweets Made Simple was presented with cheerful gluttony by a couple of confectioners: Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood (of aforementioned quirky facial hair). She did the majority of the work while he sat about spouting facts. I liked the idea of the gin and lime truffles, but raspberry marshmallow served as a dessert? It contained sugar, glucose and icing sugar – it made my teeth hurt just watching it.

Aside from confectionary endeavours, the BBC Three treated us to two new comedies from ten on Thursday night: Cuckoo and Siblings, which were both pretty good but almost as many laughs could be had from new docusoap Scrappers. Over on One on Friday at 8.30pm, it followed the tribulations of a northern scrap metal yard. Every character was good value: from hapless but loveable imbecile Boyle (let loose in Gloria the grabber while other staff lurked nervously out of harm’s way), to buxom on-site café owner Deb to boss with a heart Terry. It was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

Last night, BBC One introduced a new big Saturday night entertainment show in the form of Tumble where celebrities attempt gymnastics. TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh proved her movement is just as vacant as her eyes with a surprisingly ungainly performance from a woman who looks like she works out so much. Boxer Carl Froch significantly improved my enjoyment of the show by ripping off his shirt and pouring a bottle of water over himself. I’ll come back for him just to see him again.


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