An Hour to Save Your life

This show (Tuesday, BBC Two, 9pm) was graphic, gripping and visceral TV. 30 year old Rumen had been hit by a car, tossed in the air and landed on the curb. He’d broken both legs so badly the bone’s sticking out, a fact the camera doesn’t flinch from. In fact it zooms in on in this anatomical atrocity and lingers on the excruciatingly wrong angles of his feet rather longer than is comfortable. 66 year old farmer Bill has been crushed against a wall by a 650kg cow. 29 year old Zoe has had a heart attack in the middle of Oxford Street. We follow the doctors and paramedics as they battle to save their lives and keep them as close to how they were before the trauma. Zoe’s body is cooled down to prevent brain damage, Rumen’s legs are set back into place at the roadside to prevent him losing his feet. You couldn’t help but deeply respect everyone involved – the energy it must take to stay calm and make the right decisions in intense, frightening situations like that is something I can’t even contemplate. It would take a heart of pure flint not to shed a tear at the end when the trauma victims talked about their experiences and thanked those involved in saving them. But it was all a bit unbearably real for me. I think I’ll stick to Holby City in future.


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