Last Night’s TV 19th February

I enjoyed Channel 4’s new daytime offering- Superstar Dogs: Countdown to Crufts. I am a huge dog lover anyway so it was an easy sell. Clever dogs fetching a ball from a pool, nudging exercise balls in a net and doing an obstacle course? Great. I liked how host John Barrowman introduced the doggies “with their owners” and greeted them first. Very cute. Unfortunate that they can’t speak but they did seem very barky and excited. Izzy, the collie, rushed over to give him a big kiss and ended up winning a place in semi-finals. Currying favour with the host? They say collies are smart for a reason! Nah, Izzy was smart and quick. Of the other dogs – Poppy, I think it was, a staffie-whippet cross was also very smart and came a close second. Frank, the cockapoo, however, was an adorable idiot. Yapping and all over the place he managed to do the course in 6 minutes against Izzy’s 56 seconds and came last. Aww I loved Frank. I also loved the commentary such as “Will the cockapoo cock it up?” Yes. Charming little show.

Another unchallenging watch was The Great British Sewing Bee, which took up its place as BBC Two’s soft design watch to replace The Great Interior Design Challenge. There were ten contestants with three tasks: a sleeveless top, customising a wool skirt and making a silk nightie (ooh la la). It was fun to watch the creativity and what they came up with. I missed the tops, but liked the wool skirt challenge, especially the lady who added a peplum. The nightie challenge was even better, I really liked the retro vibe a lot went with. 30s/40s style white silk slip with pleats at the shoulder and waist anyone. Shame it wasn’t finished neatly enough as it was a lovely idea. I also enjoyed peplum woman (Chinelo) who made a gorgeous lace-up backed black slip without a pattern. It looked great and the whole exercise made me question why I don’t own a silk nightie. And at the end, who’s going home? No one! How nice. Not very exciting but it’s cosy and camp.



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