In the stories this week about MP Chuka Umunna’s careless remarks, I was struck by the word used by the website he made the comments on to describe its exclusive clientele: “jetrosexuals”. This is the most cringe-worthy coined word I’ve ever come across. A bastardisation of the words “jet” and “metrosexual” to convey an image of cool, jet-setting, sexy people. It made me wonder what other words the suffix “-etrosexual” could be added to, to lend a sense of modern, urbane cool. Some of these, if not all, may be clutching at straws, but I wanted to alert people reading (ie my Mum) that someone,  somewhere  deemed the word “jetrosexual” viable, nay, desirable.

Betrosexuals- frequenters of Paddy Power
Kleptrosexuals- high end shoplifters
Getrosexuals- individuals who are assertive in their procurement of sexual favours and money
Textrosexuals- those who like texting
Debtrosexuals- those in debt who are styling it out
Satcrosexuals- A clumsy word for women whose views on love and romance have been disproportionately informed by Sex and the City.



One thought on ““Jetrosexuals”

  1. Deborah says:

    Why me? Love the word “betrosexual”!

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