So, after a hiatus in which I was twisting my soul in knots over a terrible guy (unrequited love: keeping publicans in trade since time immemorial), quitting my job and trying to find a plan for reticent talents and a rather unfortunately insistent ambition, the blog was neglected – with just one forlorn post languishing like an unwanted Christmas present. The upshot of all this soul searching is that I am now on the dole. Bad news for the media monitoring industry, good news for fans of sub-Caitlin Moran musings. She may crop up in a later article- she’s funny and I’ve just read her book. I, alas, am not funny, at least not in person. I may be in writing as with this you don’t have the immediate audience feedback of a tumbleweed hewn from failed punch lines dawdling past/look of bemusement and/or pity followed by an edging away. Is there a worse sound than a forced, indulgent laugh? I think not. I hear “Well done, you’ve attempted a funny, but laughter is an involuntary reaction I can’t fake, so what I’ll do is just make a sort of short braying sound and hope you are fooled, lest you become discouraged.” Anyway, I digress. Welcome back to my blog, thanks for reading – I will try to keep the posts a lot more consistent so if you check back every few days there should be more stuff up.


One thought on “Apologies…

  1. Deborah says:

    Yay…Jessie-you’re back!!!

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